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Mirian ~
9 February
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Enough said ~

Im the shitsnet...

Haha sike naa im a regualr kid down to earth with a big attitude dont ask why, well i guess it depends if someone is not nice to me ill be meany.
I dont do drugs,smoke,drink or anithing like that..im a clean kid now soo there. I love to go clubbing even tho i havent gone for a while i guess thats why i like techno or dance musci :D yes yes

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Im a laid back person, who like's any kind of music ecxept country. I hate school and im a professional drawing artist. im not indian, im not white lol but im mexican so i speak spanish...yeah. i have a bf but that dosnt mean i dont like to have fun i like both genders. i like to see movies that caughts my eye. i wanna grow up to help poor people who need the money and i want to be a famouse drawing artist and tell the world by my pictures what this world means to me.
Strengths: i have a huge attitude. you fuck with me and the chances are that you might be in a lot of trouble. i get my way and no one elses.
Weaknesses: im so what of a depressing person. there is a weakness on me but im not just going to go and tell u lol. u stranger you.
Special Skills: uhmmm drawing, dancing, cooking, poetry, writting, and i cant think of anithing else.
Weapons: i have a samurai sword!
cartoons: a lot of anime.

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